Bengkulu Develop New Economic Zones

06 May 2014, Bengkulu provincial government plans to develop the area around the Port Of Pulau Baai, Bengkulu. Shape the development of the region in the form of economic development that is expected to improve the economy of the region. Governor of Bengkulu Junaidi Hamzah said the provincial government has made some arrangements and immediately related to the movement of the development of new economic zones. "We`ve made an agreement in the form of the construction of a liquid bulk terminal for export of crude palm oil or palm oil. The port authority, namely PT Pelindo II has signed a memorandum of understanding with the developer PT Jababeka and realization this year too," said Junaidi in Bengkulu on Tuesday (05.06.2014). Source: Arthur Gideon ... Read more »

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Encourage Economic Bengkulu

11 February 2014

Jawa Pos, PT Pelindo II signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PT Jababeka Tbk for development support facilities at the Port of Pulau Baai, Bengkulu Province. The plan, Jababeka will build an integrated industrial area with Port Of Pulau Baai. The move was taken as part of the support of the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI). Pelindo II Comporate Secretary Rima Novianti, utilization of land for development support Port Of Pulau Baai facilities Baai  and industrial zones and logistics aims to build partnerships and synergy. PT Jababeka Tbk expected to build Pulai Baai, Bengkulu, integrated into an industrial area and contribute significantly to the economic progress of the province of Bengkulu. President Director of PT P ... Read more »

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IPC Pushes Growth in Agribusiness

20 May 2013

JAKARTA - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (IPC) II worked with several multinational companies will build a shore tank for bulk liquid oil palm agribusiness trade to boost growth.  "All the preparation is done immediately so that this cooperation can be run immediately. Development must be realized to encourage trade growth especially in the liquid bulk sector, "said Director of IPC II, RJ Lino in a written statement received by Reuters on Sunday. According to Lino, Port of Pulau Baai development, in line with the directives Bengkulu SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan that Bengkulu lighters should be active economic activities of the west coast of Sumatra.  IPCs have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with five multinational company engaged in manufacturing and trading of ... Read more »

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IPC to implement 24 hour-7 days system in Port of Pulau Baai

07 May 2013

Management of IPC Bengkulu branch implement port service system that operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week (24/7) at Port of Pulau Baai, Bengkulu. The new system is part of a strategy to improve the efficiency of the port.Armed with a system that was imposed in 2013, the port can also serve the needs of customers at all times."Port of Pulau Baai, as one of the key infrastructure supporting economic in Bengkulu region, is expected to support national economic equality as ideals of  indonesia Port Corporation (IPC) and the Indonesian government ," said Director of Commercial and Business PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II Saptono R Irianto as written in a press release. Saptono also revealed that IPC facilities continue to make improvements, the addition of the dock and unloadi ... Read more »

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IPC Bengkulu prepare to add One Dock

21 September 2012

BENGKULU, - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II Branch Bengkulu ready to add a pier in the port of Pulau Baai. The dock will be used specifically liquid bulk carrier ship.Business Manager Terminal conveyed Pelindo II forbearance Bengkulu branch Haryono, Tuesday (09/18/2012).According to the patient, the addition of docks for liquid bulk goods is part of the port development Baai Island, Bengkulu.During this type of unloading bulk liquid, such as crude palm oil, still united in one pier with container and general cargo.The loading and unloading of dry bulk goods such as coal, has been done on the dock itself. Along with grooves that have been able to enter the harbor through the vessel with a dead weight of 40,000 tons, the future loading and unloading of each type of item that w ... Read more »

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