Port Of Panjang Modernization Project Officially Launched

27 January 2014

Investors Dailly Indonesia, State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan Launches Dry Bulk Terminal modernization project at the Port of Panjang and revitalization of the railway line to the Port of Panjang, Lampung. Modernization of the Port of Long form of additional docks and dry bulk loading and unloading tool Luffing Cranes Gantry "(GLC) as much as two imported from China. Dahlan said he appreciates the PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II, as the manager of the port that has made modernization The length of the port. "Back when the President Director of PT. PLN, I often alternating Jakarta - Lampung and viewing conditions at the Port of Long narrow. But now its harbor is spacious and modern equipment as well, "said Dahlan, in Lampung last weekend. The expansion of the Port of Panjang, he ... Read more »

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Pelindo Panjang Share

18 July 2014

 Radar Lampung, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Branch Panjang organizes safari Istiqomah Ramadan Mosque compound, the Port of Panjang branch office, yesterday (17/7). The goal is to strengthen the relationship and increase the sense of social solidarity of all employees, business partners and the communities in the area of the Port of Panjang. General Manager Port of Panjang Supreme Fitrianto said the event to provide added value for the people who live around the working area of the company. While the Commercial and Business Development Director of PT Pelindo Saptono R.Iirianto can stay in touch directly with partners, employees and service users at the same association can be shared with the entire community. Source : Radar Lampung C3, Eka, P7, Whk   ... Read more »

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Interconnection intermodal Press Logistics Costs

25 January 2014

Kompas, Minister of State Owned Enterprises Dahlan Iskan revitalization inaugurated the railway line to the Port of Panjang Bandar Lampung and modernization Dry Bulk terminal in the Port of interconnection between the Port and the railway line is believed to reduce the cost of logistics of the Port of Long toward several areas in Sumatra or otherwise. General Manager of the Port of Panjang Doso General in his speech in Bandar Lampung, (Friday, 01/24), said the revitalization of the railway line will bring many advantages. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II and PT Kereta Api Indonesia just connect the railway line from the Port of Tanjung Enim length towards the New South Sumatra and Cape Siapi fire, Sumsell or otherwise. Source:Kompas GER ... Read more »

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Port Of Panjang : Loading Unloading Cargo Volume Rises 40%

24 January 2014

Bisnis.com, volume loading and unloading cargo at the Port of Panjang, Bandar Lampung increased significantly by 40% over the past year. General Manager Pelindo II Branch Panjang  Doso Agung said that 74% of the amount of which is export oriented international cargo such as coal. "Currently, the Port of Long has become a direct port of call directly into the goal of the country of origin such as Argentina and Brazil, which carries a charge such as soybeans, wheat and corn," he said, Friday (24/01/2014). He hopes that with the railway line connectivity to the Port of Long expected to be operational next April, the amount of coal cargo in the port could reach 1 million tons. Pelindo II and the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Lampung, said central dian  to occur connectivi ... Read more »

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IPC and PT. KAI on railway revitalization

12 July 2013

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) through IPC port of Panjang branch, Lampung, , established cooperation with PT Kereta  Api Indonesia (KAI) to implement the rail revitalization program Pidada-Panjang.  General Manager of the IPC Port of Panjang branch, Doso Agung said, the revitalization program of the railway line from Pidada to Port of Panjang is as the company`s efforts to improve connectivity with the hinterland and diversified modes of transport from and to the port.  "PT Kereta Api Indonesia has conducted a trials of a railway by locomotive  from Pidada to Port of Panajng  at 14 June 2013, "  Doso said on his release in Jakarta, Thursday (07/11/2013).  The commodities that will transport from South Sumatra are such as coal, tropical fruit prod ... Read more »

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