Harbour and Old City of Sunda Kelapa

03 July 2012

JAKARTA, Port of Palm Sunda currently pursued a tourist area because of high historical value, Sunda Kelapa one of the oldest ports in Indonesia, coconut Sunda region is an area that is very important, because the embryo of the birth city of Jakarta which was set on June 22, 1527 ago .Port of Sunda oil has been known since the 12th century when it was a port that is considered important by the Sundanese royal capital at Pajajaran.At that time contested between Palm Sunda kingdom - the kingdom in the archipelago and the Europeans. The end of the Dutch master the Sunda Kelapa long enough for 300 years more.Since 1970 the name of Sunda Kelapa port re-use the official name of this terua, pursuant to Decree of DKI Jakarta Governor No.D.IV a.4/3/74 dated March 6, 1974.Palm harbor Sunda and econo ... Read more »

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