Jokowi Panggil Bos Pelindo II: Angkut Kontainer Harus Lewat Sungai

05 February 2015

Jakarta, 5 Februari 2015 -Direktur Utama Pelindo II, RJ Lino, bersama dengan Menteri BUMN Rini Soemarno menemui Presiden Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Mereka membicarakan rencana proyek angkutan kontainer lewat sungai.Usai pertemuan, Rini mengatakan, proyek angkutan kontainer lewat sungai atau waterway ini didorong, karena angkutan darat sudah sangat padat."Kami menyampaikan bagaimana pengembangan soal jalur air. Jadi disampaikan bahwa pengangkutan barang tidak harus melalui jalan raya, karena sudah sangat padat dan biayanya lebih tinggi," kata Rini usai pertemuan di Kantor Presiden, Jakarta, Kamis (5/2/2015).Rini melanjutkan, Jokowi mendorong agar kanal-kanal atau sungai di Indonesia."Jadi misalnya sekarang kan kanal-kanal kita makin baik, jadi memungkinkan pengangkutan barang bisa dilakukan ... Read more »

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Customs duty claimed that Tanjung Priok services is now better

02 October 2013

KPU Customs Port of Tanjung Priok Type A claim unloading process at Tanjung Priok container terminal has been running better than before Lebaran season. Customs officers have even been moved at least 368 containers to the temporary storage place ( TPS ) Marunda .Previously , the unannounced inspections ahead of Idul Fitri , Finance Minister Chatib Basri was furious with the many containers that fill the harbor area . Chatib was immediately instructed improvements in the port area ." The head office has done an evaluation of existing risk management , so that the number of containers that need to be done a physical examination has been down , " said Chief Election Commission Port of Tanjung Priok Bahaduri Wijayanta  , Tanjung Priok , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 18/09/2013 ) .Bahaduri en ... Read more »

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IPC is waiting Presidential Decree to Build Port in Sorong

06 May 2013

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) is still awaiting presidential decree related to the construction of the Port of Sorong, West Papua. "IPC II is still awaiting Presidential Decree. Planned within one or two months out," said President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia or IPC II, RJ Lino, in Jakarta, Wednesday (24/4). Pelindo II, Lino said, actually had prepared port design. Total investment for the construction of the port was budgeted at Rp 2 trillion from the company`s internal and loans. Estimated construction took two years. "If the permits is release, we will build it. Development shoves two years so," said Lino. Sorong Port a priority to support the concept of Pendulum Nusantara. In addition to Sorong, four other ports to support this concept, n ... Read more »

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Winners List of Stakeholder Gathering

01 May 2013

Daftar Pemenang Stakeholder Gatehring  Pemenang Pelabuhan Indonesia Award 2013 a. Photojournalistic works       -   First winner :           Andry Bey – Suara Karya (Pelabuhan Kebanggaan Indonesia)         -   Four Nominated Best Pictures : 1. Amston Probel – Tempo (Geliat Aktivitas Senja Pelabuhan Indonesia di Tanjung Priok) 2. Eko Siswono T – Tempo (Geliat Pembangunan di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok) 3. Prasetyo Utomo – Antara Foto (Bongkar Muat Hasil Tangkapan) 4. Roni Mawardi – BUMN Track (Semangat Transformasi Pelabuhan Indonesia)       -    Fifteen Best Work No NAMe MEDIA ... Read more »

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IPC II Cooperates with World Bank to Study Port

26 April 2013

Jakarta-PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (IPC)) will cooperate with the World Bank to conduct studies about the two ports in Indonesia.   Director of Pelindo II Richard Joost Lino said, the first study on how to develop loop (area) ports in Indonesia, and the second is a matter of logistics cost reduction.   "The plan of cooperation was conducted on May 2. Study takes the first 3 months, and the second study takes 6 months," Lino said in Jakarta, Wednesday (04/24/2013).  Lino explained, the company will pay the World Bank to conduct these studies. However, Lino still reluctant to infrom how the value of the partnership contract.   Lino add the results of a study of the World Bank can be used as capital to borrow funds from third parties. Results of studies conduc ... Read more »

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