Goodbye Teluk Bayur`s queue

29 April 2013, Jakarta: Teluk Bayur is the busiest port in West Sumatra. Because of the crowded, the ship waiting time can be up to 15-20 days. Now, with the inauguration of the container terminal  PT IPC II Branch Teluk Bayur, Teluk Bayur is become the only port in Indonesia with zero queue.Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Dahlan Iskan inaugurated the operation of Container Terminal II PT IPC  Teluk Bayur Branch, West Sumatra, on Monday (04/29/2013)."Because the ships coming into the Teluk Bayur no need to queue. If this happened, all the ship will coming to here.," Said Dahlan as revealed SOEs Spokesperson Faisal Halimi, Monday (04/29/2013).Dahlan even claimed to have announced this port excellence through social media Twitter account.Moreover, the construction of the p ... Read more »

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Port of Teluk Bayur will become a Hub Port

12 December 2012

Padang, PADEK-Port of Teluk Bayur as the leader in seaport of West Sumatra which has an International Standard, ​​it`s not just rhetoric. Gradually , Pelindo II distributed billions of investment funds for the port to move and also increased economic in Sumatra. It starts with revamping the traffic flow around the inland port, Human Resources work patterns and also increasing the quality of various infrastructure facilities to the port. "This year, we received funds from the head office of 1, 7 billion to make the port of international standard in 2016," said Dalsaf Usman, General Manager of Port of Teluk Bayur, Monday (3/12). Dalsaf said the improvements made will be laid completely at the beginning of 2013. By dividing the port into six zones: the container, coal terminals, ... Read more »

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Container Terminal of Teluk Bayur, Padang, West Sumatera will be done at the end of 2012

03 July 2012

PADANG, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II target the development of container terminals in the Gulf Bayur Padang in West Sumatra (Sumatra) completed at the end of this year.     RJ Lino, president director of PT Pelindo II, said the development is included in the program development and improvement of service in the Gulf port of Bayur, continue to be encouraged.      "And later this year, container terminals (container) we will be," he told the Business, after signing the MoU with PT Semen Padang in the presence of Minister for Enterprise, in Padang today, Sunday (01/07/2012). Questioned on the tools, he said it was incomplete (for land), while the equipment at the dock immediately entered in October.     "This year, three tools have ente ... Read more »

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