Masa Depan TPK Koja : Pekerja Dukung Perpanjangan Konsesi

04 November 2015

Bisnis Indonesia - Senin, 19 Oktober 2015. Serikat Pekerja Terminal Peti Kemas Koja mendukung langkah PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II melanjutkan kerjasama dengan Hutchison Port Holding dalam pengelolaan dua terminal kontainer di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok hingga 2039. Kedua terminal kontainer itu adalah PT Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) dan Terminal Peti Kemas (TPK) Koja. Ketua Umum Serikat Pekerja (SP) TPK Koja Prakoso Wibowo menegaskan pihaknya mendukung amandemen konsesi JICT dan TPK Koja yang dilakukan Pelindo II/IPC dan Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH). TPK Koja merupakan terminal peti kemas terbesar kedua di Pelabuhan Tanjung Priok yang sahamnya dimiliki Pelindo II dan HPH. Pelindo II dan HPH juga memiliki saham PT. JICT. "Dari tahun ke tahun, TPK Koja menunjukan kinerja ... Read more »

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IPC Immediately Ask objection to the District Court on the KPPU`s Decision Today

04 November 2013

Jakarta, 4 November 2013 - IPC or Pelabuhan Indonesia II raised objections and are ready to appeal against the decision of the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) for alleged violation of Article 15, Paragraph 2 and Article 19, Clause (a) and (b) of Law No. 5 Year 1999, the stevedoring services at Teluk Bayur Port, which states that the IPC - Teluk Bayur Branch has a monopoly on port services. ... Read more »

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The Project of IPC Academy took Rp. 250 Billion

21 May 2013

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II or IPC targeting the development of logistics university, IPC Academy, which cost a total of Rp250 Billion in Bogor Ciawi completed by the end of this year. President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II or Indonesian Port Cooperation (IPC) Richard Joost Lino said prestigious projects involving Netherland Maritime University (STC-NMU) Rotterdam, was built on an area of ​​10 ha in Ciawi Bogor. "We took the academy of the Netherlands, because they have strong capabilities and experience in maritime logistics education," he said on the sidelines of BOD on teaching in SMA Negeri 1 Amahai Monday (20/5). Those activities are part of corporate social responsibility which carried out by the directors of state in celebrating National Awakening Day. It held at the h ... Read more »

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