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Pontianak Port is situated at the mouth of the Kapuas River, and as the main gateway to the 146,800-square-kilometer province of West Kalimantan it serves as the lifeblood of the local economy. This vast area, the size of Java and Madura islands combined, covers the cities and districts ofPontianak, Sintete, Sambas, Sintang, Sanggau, Kapuas, Hulu, Telok Air, Ketapang and Singkawang.

There are 2 (two) port areas under Indonesia Port Corporation II, branch of Pontianak which are : Ports of Sintete and Port of  Ketapang

The inland areas that this port serves are dominated by agriculture, forestry and mining, along with raw material processing industries. To handle the flow of goods, the container terminal at Pontianak Port is equipped with two container cranes and a range of other modern tools needed to optimize the handling of cargo through the area.


Main facilities
Location: Pontianak, West Kalimantan
Location of: 00 01′ 00″ latitude, 109 20′ 00″ East
Land Area: 17.32 ha

Vessel Service Facilities
Pontianak Dock : 19.456 m2
Nipah Kuning Dock : 1.400 m2
intete Dock : 1.120 m2
Ketapang Dock : 1.740 
Depth of Flow  : -4,7 mLWS
Pool Depth  : -6 mLWS
Ship Delay: 1 Uni

Goods Service Facilities
Field Stacking: 47 171 m²
Warehouse: 7.521 m2

Mechanical toolsContainer Crane : 3 Unit
Diesel Forklift : 8 Unit
Reach Steaker : 5 unit
Mobile Crane : 1 Unit
Side Loader : 4 Unit
Top Loader : 2 Unit
Chasis : 13 Unit
Head Truck : 13 Unit
Tronton : 4 Unit 
Jib Crane : 2 Unit
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (RMGC) : 4 Unit 

Address : Jl.Pakasih No.11 Pontianak 78113
Number : +62 - 0561.32181
Province : West Kalimantan

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