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Suplly chain logistics industry is very long and involves diverse of parties (private company-government; big-small). In order to create effective and efficient collaboration, community platform is required. It necessary to have ICT services provider which dedicated to serve the logistics industry and provide the best solutions, efficient, and accessible to all parties. The service provider should be neutral and trustworthy. To accomodate this needs, TELKOM and IPC establish ILCS. Cost of logistics Indonesia should equal with the best benchmark.

PT Cipta integration Logistics Solutions was founded on September 21, 2012 which is a joint venture between PT Indonesia II Port and PT Multimedia Nusantara. The establishment of PT ILCS aims to provide e-trade logistics where stakeholders would be able to get port facilities to control and manage the flow of goods, the flow of documents and payments, as well as manage their assets effectively and efficiently.

The business line of PT ILCS is the implementation of e-services trade logistics and other services which include data processing services, e-commerce services, consultation for computer and engineering informatics, software manufacturing services (software) and service providers through the use of multimedia and telecommunications equipment.

Business activities conducted by the ILCS are :

  • Running a business in services data processing system which includes a catalog and material identification code as well as equipment, equipment Part List and Stock Cheek.
  • Running a business in e-commerce services which includes transaction or trade in goods and services through a network of electronic media, Internet, telephone, television or other elektronic media and also other related business activities.
  • Running a business in computer consulting and informatics engineering and also other related business activities.
  • Running a business in software manufacturing which includes planning and execution (development and implementation), maintenance and also other related business activities.
  • Running a business in the provide of services using multimedia and telecommunications equipment and other related activities.
  • Running a business in information technology consultation services


The presence of PT ILCS is to boost Indonesia`s economic progress. Build the soft infrastructure for owners and logistics businesses have the best ICT services platform that enables them to compete on a global level. Carry on the vision of becoming the main platform in national trade logistics and a world-class level.

Contact of PT ILCS
Address : Plasa Telkom Jakarta Utara Lt. 4,
Jl Yos Sudarso Kav 23-24 RT/RW 09/06, Kel. Kebon Bawang,
Kec. Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara.
Telp : +62 21 4393 2555
Fax : +62 21 4393 6555

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