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Tanjung Priok Car Terminal


Tanjung Priok, which began operating in 1877, is the largest and busiest port in Indonesia, as well as the country’s main port. The port is being developed continuously to improve its function as a logistics center, thereby boosting the competitiveness of local industry and trade and stimulating investment in Indonesia.

Identifying the Need for a Car Terminal

The level of domestic and international vehicle cargo passing through Tanjung Priok Port has increased significantly over the years. In 2005, 141,871 vehicles were loaded or unloaded from 398 ships, more than double the figure in 2000 of 55,204 vehicles from 170 ships. The projected figure for vehicle cargo in 2012 is 830,316 units (based on the “Feasibility Study on the Automobile Terminal Development as an Urgent Rehabilitation Project for Tanjung Priok Port” by Japan-based PCI Tokyo). As such, the need for a special terminal for vehicle cargo, or a car terminal, is very pressing.

To meet that need, Indonesia Port Corporation developed the Tanjung Priok Car Terminal (TPT). The terminal is a new facility designed to make vehicle handling easier and boost vehicle import and export figures.

Fast-Tracking the Development and Operation of the Terminal

The ground-breaking ceremony for the development of the TPT was carried out by the ministers of state-owned enterprises and transportation on Aug. 30, 2006. The design of the terminal complies with standards under the ISPS Code, including the construction of a 3-meter-high perimeter fence and double-layer plastic dust insulation fences, and a CCTV system. The project was scheduled to be completed by February 2008, but was finished ahead of time.

The TPT was inaugurated by the vice president of Indonesia on Nov. 28, 2007. The terminal is operated Indonesia Port Corporation and handles a dedicated stream of vehicle ships or RORO ships. Docking is managed and carried out through a berth-window system. All operations are supported by the latest information technology, including the use of barcodes for goods identification.

Future Development Plan

There are plans to expand the parking building at the TPT to five stories, to add parking capacity for an additional 900 vehicles. There is also a 22-hectare lot at the western edge of the car terminal that can be developed for future use. The development of the terminal will be carried out in response to the needs and growth of vehicle cargo traffic through Tanjung Priok Port.

The TPT handles international cargo such as vehicles, heavy equipment, spare parts and so on. The terminal can load cars onto ships at a rate of around 220 units per hour, and unload at a rate of 280 units per hour.

Benefits to the National Economy

As a terminal dedicated to handling vehicle cargo, the TPT is expected to boost the efficiency of handling this type of cargo in an integrated manner. The terminal was developed in anticipation of continued growth in vehicle cargo, based on the rapid growth over the past five years.
At the national level, the TPT is expected to make a significant contribution to national economic growth, including supporting the national auto industry, increasing vehicle export volume and creating jobs in general.

Key Facts Tanjung Priok Car Terminal

Total land area / Total Area : 7.38 Ha

Parking lots / Yard :
Field A /  1.8  HaYard : Construction of block paving / block paving construction.
Field B / B 1.5 Ha Yard : Construction bitumen / asphalt construction
Field C / C 1.7 Ha Yard : Construction of block paving / block paving construction

Parking building (3 floors) / Car Park building (3 Storeys) : 184 mx 52 m, equipped with a driver waiting room / equipped with waiting room for drives on every floor.

Dock / Berth : 308 m

Groove / Channel : -10 mLWS

Swimming / Basin : -12 mLWS

Capacity car terminal / car terminal capacity : + - 350,000 units of vehicles per year / units per annum

Office of Management / Management office : 756 m2 (18 mx 42 m)
(Level 2 building car wash / car wash 2nd floor of building)

Automatic car washing machine / Automatic car wash : 3 unit with a capacity of 45 units of vehicles / hour / unit
(First floor of the building car wash / car wash 1st floor of building)

Workshop / Workshop: 2 paths / lanes (180 m2 / sqm)
Floor of a building car wash / car wash 1st floor of building)

Port of Entry / Exit / Gate In / Out : 6 units

The fence dust / Double plastic insulation dust fences : 240M long / long, 25 m high / high

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