IPC has officially received permission of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) from the Ministry of Environment

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Jakarta, January 3, 2013 -
PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) well known as Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC) has officially received permission of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) of the Ministry of Environment.
With the issuance of the Minister of Environment Decree number 293 of 2012 concerning the construction and operation of an environmental permit terminal Kalibaru the IPC will soon implement groundbreaking as a sign of the start NewPriok development.

New Priok development master plan phase 1, consisting of three container terminals as well as two oil and gas fuels. This port is designed with a depth of up to -20 mLWS draft with the first phase will be as deep as -16 mLWS dredging and shipping two-way flow of almost 300 meters wide to accelerate the flow of ship arrivals and departures. In Stage 1, the port will be built on an area of ​​195 hectares with a quay length of 4,000 meters and can accommodate containers up to 4.5 million TEUs.
As mentioned earlier, the first terminal phase 1 construction is targeted to start operations in 2014. The overall construction of New Priok Port to be completed in 2023 and has a total capacity to 13 million TEUs. It is certain that the presence of New Priok Port will be able to boost the efficiency and national logistics chain so as to attract investors to invest in Indonesia. And it should be noted, this is the largest port development in Indonesia.
New Priok Port will facilitate large ships EEE Class size to fit directly to Indonesia without the need for transshipment (Moving cargo to other ships, bigger / smaller) in other countries. Thus, IPC can assist businesses in reducing transportation and logistics costs, which in turn will drive the trade and economy of Indonesia.

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