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This is proof that we do not become bureaucratic obstacle. The words were spoken with enthusiasm by RJ Lino, president director of PT Indonesia Port Corporation, the new name of PT. Pelindo II (Persero).

The tone was like a promotion. As well as against the mainstream living in the community. But Lino give evidence.

Perhaps Lino was surprised that the major projects he initiated were finally able to walk. Not fail, for example, because the intricacies of bureaucracy. Though her project ideas and this is not a project he fought recklessly. Large scale, big business, and big costs. This is a new port of Tanjung Priok project, which will cost Rp 40 trillion.

Lino, with a rather bombastic words it`s actually not just want to commend the bureaucracy, but also to preach the principle that any heavy issues taken care home will truly succeed.

So, the key was in earnest.

Many people said it was serious but not too successful. For people like this, it was necessary that measured levels of seriousness. As well as gold, Sunggu mean that there are several kinds. There truly are 24 carat, but there is a 22 carat, 20 carat, and in fact there are only 18 karat. Lest there truly are not rusty at all.

Lino course includes a 24-karat solemn. If only 20 karat no way he succeeded. To illustrate the severity of this pioneering project, I can say it in one sentence: perhaps only the Sunda Strait bridge project is more difficult than this.

This is the project that would become the future can change the map of the national logistics. This is the ONE project that would be later value is greater than what has been built at Tanjung Priok for 130 years.

This is the project that will make port in Indonesia parallel to the major ports of the world. If you did not win, we will not lose anymore than Malaysia or Singapore. This is the port to 16 feet so that it the largest vessel in the world can lean in Jakarta.

Here`s The New Tanjung Priok.

World shipping does have a new trend; growing bigger and bigger in the size boat made. Here`s to the pursuit of efficiency of freight transport. Becoming more and more large ships that can be transported. And increasingly cheaper costs angkutannya. As a result, a growing number of ships that can not only come to Indonesia.

Indonesia was increasingly isolated. Indonesian ports may only feeder to the port-pelanbuhan big in other countries.

Now this example there such a large ship that can carry 18,000 containers. Port of us getting away from it. The Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya was only able to receive container ships 3000. Medan, Makassar, Batam and could only accept 1000 container ships. How far should we skip capacity.

SOE CEO Lino classified unyielding. He translucent all the trouble. He knocked on all the doors. He faced all the problems. Naturally, if the SOE Award at last year`s event in the state awarded the Most Innovative CEO.

But Lino also lucky. Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa, Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo, Minister of Planning / Head of Bappenas Armida Prof Alisyahbana and Transportation Minister EE Mangindaan especially, are in a row. Even the President and the Vice President continue to monitor this project.

The last problem is a great relief when the Minister of Transportation,  EE Mangindaan give concession for 70 years. With the release of the decision was no longer a matter of bureaucracy anticipated. Now residing responsibility Lino. Ranging from how to build up their physical how to find the money for elephant swollen.

This project does not use the funds from the state altogether. There is no funding from the state budget. So strong is the desire for the project was soon realized (satua stage should be able inaugurated in 2014), before any concessions obtained all the preparations had been completed. Thus, once all the wrong permissions can start the project immediately.

This week can already signed employment contract between Lino and Bambang Triwibowo president director of PT PP (Persero) Tbk. PP is a highly experienced SOE membangunm port. I would ask that the day was done contract signature, the next PT PP`ve gotta get to work.

Because of the location of the new port in the middle of the sea (to get sufficient depth), then Lino also initiated the need for a new highway leading directly to this port. While participating tackle traffic congestion in the region Priok truck. Highway project along the 7 km is the last Friday also agreed to direct it built by PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. The project also involves PT Nusantara Bonded Zone (Limited) having to use his land.

Once the new port and a new toll road to be started, the four state-owned company engaged in the harbor began to run capacity building programs at several major ports.

Thus the port as Medan, Batam, Surabaya and Makassar will change to port 3000 container ships can enter. They will also make the new port a large company in Sorong.

All these changes would need to be anticipated by businesses, especially the shipping business. For example, until now there is no entrepreneur ship we have 3000 class container ships. Of course now need to prepare ourselves for future can really be a host in their own country.


Dahlan Iskan, Menteri BUMN

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