Baai Port, Bengkulu will open passenger port at 2012

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BENGKULU (Klik HL) - Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia plans to open the passenger transport in the Port Island Baai Bengkulu in 2012. "We are targeting the transportation of passengers through the Port Island Bengkulu Baai be operational in 2012," said Director of Sea Transport Ministry of Transport, Muhammad, Leon, Sunday (9/10). He said, in order to realize the plan, the Government requested Bengkulu province continues to establish communication with the Ministry of Transportation, Pelindo II, and PT Cruises Indonesia.

"When you plan the opening of passenger transport has been initiated, maintenance of flow into the Port Island Baai must be done regularly so that the flow of incoming and outgoing passenger ship running smoothly," explains katanya.Ia, previous average of about 30 units per month and the ship ran aground just ship small to rely on the docks of the Port Island due to flow into the harbor Baai dangkal.Merujuk on Reuters news, Acting Governor of Bengkulu, Junaidi Hamzah, said the area is in desperate need of opening of passenger transport via the Port Island Baai that people increasingly have the choice of many alternatives passenger transportation. "We transport passengers from the Port island Bengkulu Baai new service to the island Enggano as the outer islands of this area," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of the Port of Indonesia II, Richard Joost Lino, said it had to dredge the harbor entrance flow Baai Island to a depth of 10 meters minus tides. "Alternative options passenger transport pathways that can be passed among other goals Bengkulu and Padang and Bengkulu field goal Jakarta, "he said. (KlikHeadline)

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