Container Terminal of Teluk Bayur, Padang, West Sumatera will be done at the end of 2012

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PADANG, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II target the development of container terminals in the Gulf Bayur Padang in West Sumatra (Sumatra) completed at the end of this year.

     RJ Lino, president director of PT Pelindo II, said the development is included in the program development and improvement of service in the Gulf port of Bayur, continue to be encouraged.      

"And later this year, container terminals (container) we will be," he told the Business, after signing the MoU with PT Semen Padang in the presence of Minister for Enterprise, in Padang today, Sunday (01/07/2012).

Questioned on the tools, he said it was incomplete (for land), while the equipment at the dock immediately entered in October.     

"This year, three tools have entered the crane, plus 3 units in August, and October entry [sent] 4 units," he said.     

The hope, the existence of the container terminal to pick up the goods - goods that had been sent by land, sea transport can be switched to (Via Gulf Bayur).     "So things are moving through the container, as in the cost will be cheaper," said Lino Rj.     

PT Pelindo II agendakan conversion to some conventional dock, one of which Bayur Gulf ports. In this port, container wharf was built because of the activity flow of containers is closer to 50,000 TEUs (the Data Port of the Bay Bayur). Construction of the terminal area of ​​7 hectares, with the location of the dock area 5-6.

Loading and unloading of tools supporting Luffing Crane series of 3 units, and 3 Rubber Tire Gantry Crane, ready to be sent to Telukbayur Pelindo II.     

Data Pelindo II Bayur Gulf Branch, traffic flow of goods into constantly increasing from the previous year. For general cargo, the increase reached 15%, ie 3,590,935 tons in 2009 to 4.02133 million tons (as of 2010). Import-export trade flows from 3,734,504 tons of goods exports, and imports 286 826 tonnes.     

Surge in the flow of goods through the port is also seen in the Gulf Bayur domestic trade, from 6,485,846 tons to 7,397,841 the previous ton.

On the flow of goods in containers, take to increase, from 45 517 box (2009) to 47 126 box (2010).     Flow of container contents were made up of container measuring 40 "1225 box, size 20" 30 203 boxes, empty containers the size of 20 "box 1083, and measures 40" box as much as 14 615.     

While the previous year, a 40 foot container contents only 1273 box, measures 20 feet 31 106 boxes, and empty containers as much as 20 feet and the size of the box 843 12 295 40 foot box. (K41)

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