Talang Duku Port increase their services to 24 hours

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Talang Duku Port increase their services to 24 hours

(AFP-National) Gutters Duku Port District Muarojambi improve loading and unloading services, particularly for container for 24 hours, which previously operated at the latest until 22:00 pm.

General Manager of PT Pelindo II Branch Rio TN Lasse Jambi in Jambi, on Friday said the development of loading and unloading at the Port of Talang Duku, in particular container increased significantly.

"Rara Port Gutters Duku average 3,000 units a month serving containers containing different commodities plantations in Jambi province," he said.

He mentioned, in addition to serving the loading and unloading of containers, the Port Talang Duku also serve the needs of the community such as loading and unloading of fertilizer, sugar, rice and other sailing vessels transported by motor (KLM).

To support the smooth operation of the Port of unloading and Gutters Duku for 24 hours, PT Pelindo continue to develop and add the necessary facilities and infrastructure.
PT Pelindo now made ​​additional stacking area of ​​7,000 square meters that can accommodate hundreds of containers, both of which will be dispatched as well as the newly dismantled.

In addition, PT Pelindo also add heavy equipment to lift containers from the field buildup to the ship or vice versa, and to extend the existing pier.
He emphasized that the Port Talang Duku in the future will continue to be developed, although now also being built in the district of Port of Tanjung Jabung Muarasabak East.

Talang Duku harbor has facilities and equipment to serve the loading and unloading activities are sufficient and the access road to the harbor is quite good.

Other means of support, namely electricity, communications and clean water are also readily available and the proximity of the port`s warehouse with the industry and employers.

source : VibizDaily.com

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