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Bisnis Indonesia , Local governments in Jambi in recent years to encourage the development of the Gulf Jabung insistent. The effort to harmonize the infrastructure needs in order to sustain economic activity fairly rapid growth in that area. The move was mainly done Regency East Tanjungjabung which became the owner of the area of location candidates one of the most important ports in Indonesia`s oceans. Together with the government of Jambi as the parent government, government aggressively fought to the central government to seek political support for the effort to come true. In the project planning of port, located on the east coast province of Jambi, the economic development of the region prepared maps covering 4,200 hectares with a projected investment of Rp4.5 trillion. The port should be realized as a commodity trading volume of plantation and mining sector in the wither area showed a sharp increasing trend. If the port was realized then become the responsibility of local governments maintain Edge Jabung not be the entrance to the invasion of a variety of consumer products from the region that is connected directly to the market in Jambi via the port.

Source: Bisnis Indonesia

Irsad Sati

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