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For more than three centuries, Banten Port has been a center of travel and trade, both local and international, with spices being the main commodity in the past.

Today, the port serves an inland area that is experiencing rapid growth in the metal processing, mechanical, chemical and palm oil processing industries.

Banten Port boasts three coal terminals and a multipurpose dock with cargo-handling equipment that includes two rubber-tired gantry cranes and two multipurpose gantry cranes.

Main facilities
Location: Serang, Banten
Coordinates: 6° 01` 03" S, 105° 57` 04" E
Land area: 42.6 Ha


Vessel Service Facilities
Total of quay: 11.111 m2
Flow Depth: -15 mLWS
Swimming Depth: -7 to -15 mLWS
Holding Boats : 6 Unit
Pilot Ship : 2 Unit

Goods Service Facilities
Field Stacking: 91.712 m2
Warehouse: 1,534 m²

Mechanical tools
Container Crane : 2 Unit
Transtainer : 2 Unit
Diesel Forklift : 1 Unit
Mobile Crane : 1 Unit
Gentry Crane : 2 Unit
Fire Trucks : 1 Unit 
Spreader : 2 Unit

Address: Jl.Raya Ciwandan Banten Port 1, Banten 42166
Phone: +62 254.601418
Provinces: Banten

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