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Bengkulu, known in the past as Bencoolen, is an old port city used by the British in the 18th and 19th centuries as a settlement and trading port.

The port of Bengkulu is located on Baai Island, some 20 kilometers from the Bengkulu city center, and serves a vast inland area with vast mining, plantations and forestry potential.

The main problem facing port operators is the high rate of sedimentation in the quays, which requires routine dredging at a relatively high cost.

To efficiently handle coal shipments, this port has two conveyor belts that make it quick to load and unload the commodity.

Main facilities
Location: Baai Island, Bengkulu
Coordinates: 3° 54` 26" S, 102° 18` 09" E
Land area: 1,200 Ha


Vessel Service Facilities
The length of quay : 374 m
Flow Depth : -10 mLWS
Swimming Depth : -2 to -12 mLWS
Holding Boats : 1 Unit
Pilot Ship : 1 Unit


Cargo Services Facilities
Stacking yard: 7,872 m2
Warehouse: 4,200 m2


Mechanical tools
Diesel Forklift : 6 Unit
Mobile Crane : 1 Unit
Conveyor Belt : 2 Unit
Hopper Box : 4 Unit

Address : Port of Baai Island , Bengkulu 38 216
Number : +62736.51409
Province : Bengkulu

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