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PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Limited) or IPC and the Foundation of Kalabia Indonesia signed a Memorandum (Memorandum of Understanding / MoU) on Cooperation Marine Conservation Education Program for Youths through Kalabia Ship program. IPC is committed to supporting environmental conservation education program funding for five years to Kalabia.Program of Kalabia Education adopted a system of learning while sailing for children ages 4-6 from grade elementary school (SD). The vessels are equipped with educators, libraries and audio system and this video will sail for 20 days to the villages and islands in Raja Ampat. Afterwards the ship will return to Sorong for refueling and logistics for ten days before sailing back to the villages unvisited. In each village visited, the ship would lean over the three days. Per day, approximately 30-50 children in the local village can studied in Kalabia the ship.

Kalabia ship was originally a 32 meter long tuna boat. Kalabia name itself is taken from the local type of shark endemic to northern Papua calls "walking shark" running on the sea bottom, which is a new type of the genus Hemiscylliidae. "As a maritime nation, it is our responsibility to manage the resources of Indonesia`s marine resources. It is important for us to strengthen public awareness for better environment management . More importantly, how do we create the next generation who care about the environment, particularly in the Raja Ampat Islands  "said RJ Lino, president director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Limited).

In the Ship of Kalabia, there are six teaching modules given the module such as mangrove, seagrass, coral reefs and the animals are protected. Modules include education about waste management as well as the connectivity between humans and nature. In addition to learning, children are also encouraged students to follow their game to provoke creativity in creating awareness of the environment. For about four years since it was established, Ship of Kalabia has given a lesson for children in 120 villages in Raja Ampat. The program is also being developed by giving a similar education to children in 12 villages in the region since 2010.

"As part of the community, IPC would like to contribute in educational activities to educate the next generation in maintaining ecosystems for survival together. IPC akanterus Kalabia provide support to the Foundation in developing education Ship program, "said Lunggana, Deputy Head of CSR & CSR PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Limited). Through these activities, the IPC hopes future generations around the Raja Ampat not only understand how valuable aquatic ecosystems and coastal areas in Indonesia, but also invites them to think critically about how we treat nature for survival together.

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