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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 1994

1994 Report

The realization of operational revenue in 1994 was Rp.313.936 billion or a positive deviation of 2.21 % from the budgeted figure of Rp 307.137 billion. Profit in 1994 werer Rp. 13.929 billion, 17.39 % above the budgeted target of Rp. 111.535 billion.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 1997

1997 Report

The container traffic through the ports of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) over the past five years has increased by an average annual growth of 15,66 %. In 1997 container traffic reached 2.09 million TEUs. The Total of cargo flow, including dry and liquid bul cargoo has increased by an averange growth of 9.32 % per annum to reach a handled cargo of 111.92 million tons in 1997.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 1998

1998 Report

The prolonged economic and financial crisis had given us a precious lesson. Taking that into consideration PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) developed various programs in 1998. i.e. utilization development and expansion, finance and capital, human resources and organization, assets and production, privatization.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 1999

1999 Report

In 199 the company executed various port development undertakings as follows rearrangement of physical layout and appearance of conventional Terminal in Port of Tanjung Priok comprising zone I and II targeted at service specialization to enable it to serve inter island/domestic container throughput, general cargo, liquid and dry bulk cargo more effectively and efficently; and restructuring of Terminal Operator System through an open and transparent bid process and procesure to come up more vigorous and professional new terminal operators.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2000

2000 Report

In 2000, vessel call within the company operational area showed increase. Vessel call in unit 59.085, a 7.64 % increase from the previous year. Cargo flow through within PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) are was recorded 122.7 million ton. Total container flow enjoyed an increase of 18,85 % from 1999. In 1999 it was recorded 2.33 million TEUs and in 2000 it was raised into 2.77 million TEUs.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2001

2001 Report

In 2001, The Company booked shipcall reached 60.668 unit and this figure is equivalent to 176.393.787 GT. Cargo traffic within the company′s operational area was 117.220.654 tons, included cargoes handled in PT JICT amounting to 13.074.123 tons. The compan catered 2.824.136 TEUs of container, and that also counted 1.265.103 TEUs through PT JICT.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2002

2002 Report

In year 2002, the company recorded a net revenue of Rp 1,1 trillion or 6,1 % higher than that of the previous year with earning before tax of Rp 476 billion or 11 % higher than that of 2001. The increass are partly due to operation of a container terminal at Port oof Pontianak and a larger share in tug boat service.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2003

2003 Report

The company booked Rp 1,2 trillion of net operating revenue in 2003 or 10.6 % above that in 2002, as for profit before tax, it got Rp 609 billion; anincrase of 27.9 % from 2002. In an attempt to maximize the company′s performance and shareholder value, management consistenly undertakes some measures abd strategic policy which includes aggresive marketing to seize new market.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2004

2004 Report

In 2004, Generally speaking, company′s performance showed improvement when compared to previous year, this cannot be taken apart from the fact Indonesia economy and world′s economic growth experience encouraging state as compared to preceding year. The company booked revenue of Rp 1.549 trilion or goes up by 18.1% compared to year 2003, with profit before tax Rp 659,7 billion-8.3% over previous year.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2005

2005 Report

In 2005, the Company booked Rp 1,78 trillion revenue, an increase of 17.89 % from 2004 and 6.84 % over budget which was Rp 1,67 trillion. Profit before tax rests at Rp 889,45 billion or 37,76 % over Rp 645,65 billion budget. The excess comes from increase of ship service generated revenue, container terminal, other revenue.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2006

2006 Report

Unfavorable national economic condition especially in first half of 2006 did not stop Company to consistenly generate revenue over the year′s budget. IPC manages to obtain revenue of Rp 1.744 trillion over the budgeted Rp 1.733 trillion. The Company also manages to realize profit before tax Rp 734.52 billion, well over target in SOE masterplan and Company′s Annual Budget (RKAP) by 28.01% and 37.22% respectively.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2007

2007 Report

During the year of 2007, the Nation economic condition underwent an interesting dynamics. The management dealt with the dashed economic assumptions by taking various steps that boil down to cost efficiency and revenue optimazation. As the result, in the midst of the alarming condition, the company was able to gain net operating revenues of Rp 1.97 trillion with profit before income tax reaching Rp 1.07 trillion.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2008

2008 Report

In 2008, Indonesia Port Corporation recorded an increase in the number of ship calls, cargo flow and container throughput. Ship calls increased from 53,666 in the previous year to 54,664 in 2008. Likewise, cargo flow went from 108,290,763 tons in 2007 to 116,183,700 tons in 2008, or an increase of 7.29%. 

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 Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2009

2009 Report

Indonesia Port Corporation’s efforts to achieve its 2009 working plan and company budget (RKAP) were impacted by external factors. That year, the company was unable to maintain a profit level of more than IDR 1 trillion, a figure that it achieved in the previous year. Indonesia Port Corporation achieved a net profit of IDR 944.75 billion. 

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2010

2010 Report


Amid various limitations and shortcomings, due to both internal and external factors, the year 2010 proved to be a challenging year for the company. Our various efforts to turn these challenges into opportunities for progress have since become the starting point for a journey toward accelerated future business growth. 

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2011 Report

The Company continues maximizing its port service capacity by adding modern technology stevedoring equipment. Not less than Rp800 billion had been invested in 2011 for the procurement of port equipment deemed as capable of accelerating the stevedoring time, enhancing productivity and improving the services rendered in the port.

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2012 Report


2012 was a record year of performance for IPC’s financial growth. We are proud that we have succeeded in exceeding our performance targets and further increased our share of contribution to the national
growth, thereby strengthening our position in the future. Such achievement will enable the Company to sustain our growth in line with the seaport industry while improving the quality of services.

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2013 Report


2013 became the year in which IPC focuses on the development of the company`s strategic move. Continuing the success of the transformation Culture, the company shall provide a faster, more effective and efficient services in meeting needs of its customers or port services users. With optimism and confidence, the company is ready to step achieve business breakthroughs in subsequent years as well as prepare themselves to be the leader, the best and healthiest in supporting economic growth in Indonesia and become well known port in the world."

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2008

2014 Report

In line with Company`s Vision to be able to provide the best services for consumers and also to be part of country`s development process, we are committed to progress through required investment. With the right strategy policy and also supported with commitment, integrity and hard work from all employees, the Company is able to cope with the challenge in 2014 economy downturn and succeeds to maintain positive performance.

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Laporan Tahunan Pelindo II - 2008

2015 Report

Going through challenges in 2015, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) still manages to maintain good financial performance and provide added value for all stakeholders. The Company recorded the global bonds issuance which provided full support to the priority sectors of the country, particularly for the infrastructure development and strategic long-term investments. In addition, the Company was also initiated a gradual operational trial process of New Priok terminal mega project.

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2016 Report

Creating values through governance

Through Fit In Infrastructure phase, the Company prepares GCG roadmap for the next five years and implements it comprehensively for the creation of a comprehensive Corporate Citizenship. The successful implementation of this phase is proven to drive the Company’s success to go through difficult times. Moving forward, the Company will  continue to strengthen its  commitment in implementing optimal compliance in order to provide the best values for Indonesia and all Stakeholders.



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