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Boom Baru Port on the Musi River in Palembang is the largest river port in Sumatra and the lifeblood of economic growth in South Sumatra province.

The port area has bright prospects for future development, including through investment in the Lais River area which provides ample space for industrial activities.

The growth of this port is closely tied to the development of the hinterland industries of agriculture, mining and manufacturing. One of the local commodities whose production is expected to boom over the coming years in crude palm oil (CPO), in line with the vast expanses of oil palm plantations across South Sumatra. This makes agribusiness a prime investment opportunity.

The Boom Baru Port management is preparing to handle this surge in commodities shipments by providing a container terminal with all the modern equipment necessary to guarantee good service for ships and cargo.


Main facilities
Location: Palembang, South Sumatra
Coordinates: 2° 59` 08" S, 104° 46` 00" E
Land area: 722.5 Ha

Vessel Service Facilities
Dock length: 1126 m
Flow depth: -6.5 mLWS
Berth depth: -7 to -10 mLWS
Holding boats: 3 vessels
Pilot boats: 5 vessels
Water Boat 100 Ton : 2 unit
Fireboat  : 1 Unit 

Cargo Services Facilities
Container yard: 47,000 m2
Stacking yard: 6,413 m2
Warehouse Building : 11345 m2
Warehouse Yard : 230 m2 

Mechanical tools
Container Crane : 1 Unit
Top Loader : 1 Unit
Side Loader : 2 Unit
Diesel Forklift : 13 Unit
Reach Steaker : 2 unit
Side Loader : 1 Unit
Chasis : 6 Unit
Head Truck : 5 Unit
Mobile Crane : 1 Unit

Address : Jl.Belinyu No.1 Boom Baru, Palembang 30115
Phone : +62711.710472
Province : Southern Sumatera
Website :

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