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In the 17th century, the Dutch build Panjang Port with 200-meter long pier, using the construction of caissons with a depth -7 m.LWS along with one unit warehouse area of 1.000 m2. Piers long evoled into a major port on the island of Sumatera and serve as the lifeblood of economic growth in the province of Lampung until today.

Located at the crossroads of the island of Sumatera and Java Island, Panjang Port is a port that is highly prospective for the future. The area of the port land can be developed for a variety of terminal development cooperation in order to serve the needs of users of port services. In addition, agricultural land and plantations that stretched in Lampung Province is very fertile for agribusiness activities. 

Access roads link the port to the hinterland to make it easier to transport mining and agribusiness goods for export, import and domestic distribution.

Currently the scoope of the hinterland still waiting for investors to develop optimally. Panjang Port serve the ships with many kinds of goods, such as general merchandise, goods in bags, liquid bulk, dry bulk and containers. The flow of containers continues to grow each year as growth in industrial activities, mining and plantations in the region. With the availability of container terminal is equipped with 3 container cranes, 5 transtainer and top loader and supported by specialized bulk terminals that exist today, Panjang Port is ready to provide better service to service users.


1 Channel  
  Length 10.000 m (10,00 km)
  Width 175 m 
  Depth -7 s/d -16 m.LWS 
2 Basin  
  Total Basin Area 86.009 m2 (8,6 ha)
3 Berth  
  Berth Length 1.861 m (1,86 km) 
  Berth Depth -7 s/d -16 m.LWS 
4 Storage  
  Units 9 unit 
  Total Storage Unit 14.600 m2 (1,46 km2) 
5 Yard Area  
  Conventional Yard Area 5.475 m2 (5,5 ha) 
  Container Yard Area 75.000 m2 (7,50 ha)

A. Vessel Service Facilities

Holding Ship : 5 Units
Pilot Ship : 3 Units

B. Mechanical tools
Container Crane : 3 Unit
Transtainer : 5 Unit
Diesel Forklift : 3 Unit
Top Loader : 1 Unit
Side Loader : 1 Unit
Mobile Crane : 1 Unit
Chassis : 15 Unit
Head Truck : 13 Unit
Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane : 5 Unit
Gantry Jib Crane : 4 Unit 

Address    :  Jl.Yos Sudarso No.337, Panjang, Bandar Lampung
       : +62721-31146   or   +62721-31149
Fax             : +62721-31155
Email         : [email protected]
   : Lampung

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