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Anchoring Services

Description :These services are provided to allow a vessel to anchor securely while awaiting further services such as docking, loading and unloading, processing of documents, etc.
Features :

  • Mitigate the possibility of a collision with another vessel that is also anchored.
  • Determine the depth of the water to prevent grounding. Avoid waiting for docking lanes.

Pilotage Services

Description: Pilotage services are provided for vessels entering docking lanes to dock or to anchor.
Features: Maintain the safety of the vessel, passengers and cargo as they enter docking lanes.

Ship Holding Services

Description: Holding services are carried out to moor or unmoor ships in response to leaning tendencies or as they pass a pier, bridge, buoy, pod of dolphins, etc.

Docking Services

Description: These services are meant to tether ships in a technically safe condition that allows for the smooth and safe loading or unloading of cargo.
Features: Mitigate inefficiencies as a result of dockings that are not optimal.

Water Service

Description: This service allows for the delivery of fresh water from land to ship for use by the ship and its crew.

Telephone Service

Description: This service allows for the extension of a fixed-line telephone connection from land to ship for use by the ship and its crew.

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