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At first, the Port of Sunda Kelapa is a port situated in the Bay of Jakarta. This port is a port of call cruise among nations that was built in 1527 during the Portuguese administration.

Current location of the Port of Sunda Kelapa has grown rapidly to become the central office, commercial, industrial, and hospitality.As the oldest port in Jakarta area that still retains its traditional hallmark ate, the Port of Sunda Kelapa become a leading tourist attraction.

This port is mainly visited by ships sailing between islands and the people with the main commodities of wood, basic food, grocery items, and building materials.

Main facilities
Location: Sunda Kelapa, DKI Jakarta
Location of: 06 06/30 ′S latitude, 106 07/50 ″BT
Land Area: 50.8 ha

Vessel Service Facilities
Quay length: 3005.5 m
Flow Depth: -4 mLWS
Swimming Depth: -4 mLWS

Goods Service Facilities
Field Stacking: 37 512 m2
Warehouse: 8305.75 m2

Address : Jl.Maritim No.8 Sunda Kelapa 14430
Phone : +6221.6928888
Province : DKI Jakarta

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