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Located on the island of Belitung in Bangka-Belitung province, Tanjung Pandan Port serves an inland area that includes 80,000 hectares of oil palm estates that began production in 2002. Other commodities include kaolin, granite and quartz sand.

To keep up with the increased flow of goods and passengers, the port’s wooden dock has been upgraded to a concrete one, while a passenger waiting room has been built and the roads around the passenger terminal have been repaired.

Main facilities
Location: Tanjung Pandan, Bangka-Belitung
Coordinates: 2° 04` 00" S, 107° 00` 00" E
Land area: 5.84 Ha


Vessel Services Facilities
Dock length: 290 m
Flow depth: -3 mLWS
Berth depth: -3 mLWS
Pilot boat: 1 unit

Cargo Services Facilities
Stacking yard: 34,612 m2

Address : Jl. Pelabuhan No. 1, Tanjung Pandan 33411
Phone : +62-719-21049
Province : Bangka-Belitung


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