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Teluk Bayur Port is an ocean port that is open to international trade. The port encompasses several hubs of economic activity in West Sumatra, including Muara Padang and Air Bangis.

In line with the local government’s efforts to develop the regional economy, Teluk Bayur Port continues to improve and to implement new facilities and infrastructure designed to speed up the smooth processing of vessels and cargo.

The port is currently equipped with tools to handle a variety of goods such as coal, cement, clinker and crude palm oil. It also processes cargo that can be packed in containers, such as cinnamon, tea, molds, furniture and rubber, a key export commodity to the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.


Main facilities
Location : Padang, West Sumatra
Coordinates : 1° 00` 04" S, 100° 19` 03" E
Land area : 534 Ha


Vessel Service Facilities
Specialized dock CPO
Quay length: 1605 m
Flow Depth: -11.5 mLWS
Swimming Depth: -9 to -11.5 mLWS
Ship Delay: 3 Units
Scout Ship: 2 Unit
Tugboat : 1 Unit

Goods Service Facilities
Field Container: 35 699 m²
Field Stacking: 176 771 m²
Warehouse: 18 401 m²

Mechanical tools
Top Loader: 1 Unit
Side Loader: 1 Unit
Fork Lift: 2 Unit
Head Truck: 10 Units
Chassis: 11 Units
Reach Stacker: 3 Units
Wheel Loader: 1 Unit
Mobile Crane: 1 Unit
Conveyor Belt: 1 Unit

Address : Jl.Semarang No.3 Teluk Bayur 25217
Number : +62751.61646
Province : West Sumatra, Indonesia
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