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04 February 2020

50 North Jakarta Residents Join Cargo Handling Training

Jakarta, February 4, 2020 – As many as 50 persons of North Jakarta residents participated in Cargo Handling education and training. Through this training, participants will have extra skills and knowledge to work in the port environment.


"This training is held so that participants who are residents around the port have the skills and added value to work. We are concerned in providing this education and training, so that citizens benefit from the existence of a port, which is part of their environment," said HR Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC, Rizal Ariansyah, in Jakarta, Tuesday (2/4).


According to him, cargo handling knowledge is very relevant given to residents who live around the port, especially Tanjung Priok. Participants not only gain skills, but also have knowledge of security aspects and safety in port operations.


"These trained and educated citizens can contribute to making Tanjung Priok a world standard port or 'World Class Port'. This is also part of IPC's corporate social responsibility commitment," he said.


After completing the education and training, participants would get a certificate from the Ministry of Manpower to meet the demands of entering the industrial era 4.0. Participants who pass the training will be certified as Riggers.


Meanwhile, Head of the Tanjung Priok Port Authority Office, Jece Julita Piris, said that her party appreciated and supported the vocational program for Loading and Unloading Workers (TKBM) held by IPC. This training is in line with the rules that loading and unloading activities must be carried out by TKBM that meet the operational quality standards, in order to ensure safety.


"In the era of 4.0, certification becomes a requirement. I am sure that with the presence of the certified loading and unloading workers, Tanjung Priok Port is increasingly competitive at the global level,” she said.


Rizal added, IPC needs partners who have competencies that meet current needs. "This is important, because the Tanjung Priok Port managed by IPC has implemented digitalization in all aspects, so that IPC partners, including residents who work as loading and unloading personnel, must also have adequate competence and knowledge," he concluded.