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07 March 2020

Anticipating Corona, IPC Tightens the Entry of All Ships

Jakarta, March 7, 2020 - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC is increasingly tightening the entry of all cargo ships and passenger ships in order to anticipate the spread of the Corona virus through the port. However, IPC ensures that the operations and service of ships at all piers in the Port of Tanjung Priok continue to be conducive.


"Regarding reports of a foreign ship captain (CMA CGM Virginia) suspected of being exposed to the Corona virus, the person concerned has been examined at Tanjung Priok Port Hospital. So far there is no evidence that the person has been exposed to the Corona virus, even his condition is good and normal,said President Director of IPC, Arif Suhartono, in Jakarta, Saturday (3/7).


The captain of the ship and the entire crew of the CMA CGM Virginia sailed back to leave the JICT dock on Friday night at 22:00 WIB, after bagging a Sailing Permit (SIB).


Arif acknowledged that ship services at the JICT dock was stopped due to an inspection. But after the inspection, operations returned to normal. IPC involved the Port Health Office (KKP) officer in conducting initial inspection to all crew members, before the IPC guide guides the ship to dock at the port.


"All cargo ships from overseas that will lean at IPC ports are examined more closely. Not only ships from China, but also ships from all countries, given the spread of the Corona virus has occurred in more than 60 countries," he said


All foreign-flagged ship crews are prohibited from going down to the harbor when the ship is leaning. Crew changes can only be made after passing through an observation period overseen by the KKP officer. Ships to lean on are required to report online the last 10 ports visited, before heading to Tanjung Priok.


To avoid the possibility of transmission, officers who are at risk must use personal protective equipment, at least in the form of masks and gloves.


Arif explained, IPC continued to improve coordination with the Corona Virus Prevention Post Officers in the Port of Tanjung Priok, which was specifically formed in January 2020.


"Every week, IPC reports plans for the arrival of ships that will lean at Tanjung Priok Port. Foreign-flagged ship agents are also required to report the health condition of all crew members, and attach a pneumonia-free statement signed by the captain, at least 2X24 hours before the ship docked," he said.


Regarding domestic passenger ships, according to Arif, officers are also tightening examination. Supervision is carried out extra for passengers from Batam.


"Especially for cruises from abroad, dock permission is given, but for passengers who will travel must be checked first, and must get permission from the local government," he explained.