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12 February 2020

Batu Ampar Port Development Begins in March 2020

Batam, February 12, 2020 –  The development of Batu Ampar Port will begin in March 2020. PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC will provide direct support for the optimization of the management and operation of the Batu Ampar Port, which is the main port in Batam Island.


"For the initial stage, the development is carried out by improving port infrastructure and facilities, especially on the north side of the port, which will begin in March 2020," said IPC President Director, Elvyn G. Masassya, after a follow-up meeting on Batu Ampar Port development plan at the office BP Batam, Batam Island, Riau Islands, Wednesday (2/12).


Previously, on January 7, 2020, the IPC and BP Batam had signed a head of agreement regarding the Preparation for the Cooperation and Development of Batu Ampar Port and its Supporting Areas.


Elvyn explained that Batu Ampar Port has the potential to be developed to encourage industrial growth and create new markets, given its strategic position in the Malacca Strait. The international standard of port management is expected to increase the competitiveness of the Batu Ampar port and this will certainly have a positive impact on economic progress in Batam and its surroundings.


"It is time for many large container ships that cross the Strait of Malacca to be anchored at the Port of Batu Ampar. To facilitate the large ship, one of the infrastructures that will be developed is the pier pool, which will be deepened so that the draft is uniformly 12 meters below sea level,he explained.


The container stacking area will also be expanded, from the current 2 hectares to 12 hectares. On the operation side, container loading and unloading performance will be increased from an average of 5 container boxes per hour to a minimum of 20 container boxes per hour.


"Increasing the capacity of container handling is very important so that loading and unloading services are faster, easier and more efficient, he added.


According to Elvyn, the initial development phase of Batu Ampar is targeted to be completed in September 2020, with loading and unloading capacity increasing to 600,000 TEUs (Twenty foot Equivalent Unit - the smallest container size unit) in a year. The port operating system is also standardized as the ports managed by IPC.


"In the future, Batu Ampar Port will implement a gate system. Flow in and out of container trucks can be faster and orderly. The container terminal area which is a restricted area becomes more sterile and safer,he said.

On the sea side of the port, he continued, IPC will implement the MOS (Marine Operating System) application, which is a digital application for guide and tug boat services to be efficient. Then in the loading and unloading terminal area, Batu Ampar Port will be equipped with a Terminal Operating System which is also digitally based to speed up the process of loading and unloading of containers from ships to the container stacking area and vice versa.