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Cargo Services

Cargo Services provides stevedoring services for ships for the delivery of their cargoes to the owners. Cargo services includes:


Layanan barang (kargo) terdiri dari jasa dermaga umum, dermaga khusus, jasa lapangan, dan jasa gudang. Jasa tersebut merupakan jasa yang ditetapkan oleh peraturan perundang-undangan. Namun dalam pelaksanaannya, bekerja sama dengan anak-anak perusahaan, IPC menjalankan pelayanan terpadu dalam menangani Layanan Barang, yaitu



Buildings specifically designed at the port or a place for ships to be tethered or docked to carry out loading and unloading activities of goods and passengers



A building or closed place used to store items originating from ships, or to be loaded onto ships;



An open area within the terminal area used to place or stack containers or other items, arranged in a planned manner, for goods to be loaded onto ships, or for goods after being unloaded from ships;



Moving goods from stockpiles in warehouses / stacking areas, onto vehicles at the warehouse / stacking gates or vice versa