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01 January 2020

Ever Bless’ Dock Marks New Era for IPC as World’Class Port

Jakarta, January 1, 2020Beginning a new year, the Ever Bless Ship became the first ship anchored at the Port of Tanjung Priok in 2020. The Ever Bless Ship docked at Tanjung Priok after a voyage from the Port of Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Meanwhile, MV ENY became the last ship to depart from Tanjung Priok Port in 2019, with its destination to Singapore.


The dock of Ever Bless Ship marks a new phase, where in 2020 PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC confirms its position as a world-class port. In this period, IPC continues to encourage stakeholders in the port ecosystem to adapt to utilizing all digital-based service platforms, so that digitalization that has been prepared can be carried out totally and comprehensively,said IPC's Director of Operations, Prasetyadi, at the Captain Appreciation Night 2019 Last Call & 2020 First Call at Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/1).


Prasetyadi explained that IPC had mapped out a strategy in optimizing information technology in the port business. With this integrated digitalization, IPC is moving forward by targeting all port branches it manages to implement digitization with an equivalent service system.


We must collaborate to create an efficient and highly competitive national logistics system, he said.


Overall, he continued, standardization of services supported by digital-based applications not only increases operational efficiency in the field, but also ensures transparency and accountability of services for customers and other stakeholders.


Hopefully this new year will bring new enthusiasm, in which IPC will strengthen its central role in the port business. Not only do we play the role of port operators, but more than that, IPC becomes a trade facilitator which integrates port, shipping and industrial operations,Prasetyadi said.


On that occasion, Prasetyadi on behalf of IPC gave a gift to the MV ENY Captain who was about to leave Jakarta, as well as giving welcome souvenirs both to the Captain and Ever Bless ship crews who had just docked at the NPCT-1 Terminal or Kalibaru Terminal.