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20 September 2019

Featuring Cultural Wealth of Indonesia, Pelindo Closed Events 13th What Sports Meet 2019

Yogyakarta, September 20, 2019 - Not feeling 5 days already the 13th APA Sports Meet 2019 took place in Yogyakarta. Today, Friday (20/9) PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC, together with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia / Pelindo I, III, and IV (Persero) officially closed the series of 13th ASEAN Port Association (APA) Sports Meet events 2019 with cultural and artistic performances in the closing ceremony session.

The beam of lights that add to the beauty of Prambanan Temple managed to bewitch the invited guests present. This beautiful scenery became the stage background of the closing ceremony of the 13th APA Sports Meet 2019. Packed in the form of a gala dinner event, IPC showed off by presenting arts and cultural performances that left memorable experiences to 1,000 athletes and contingents from 9 participating countries in the 13th APA Sports Meet 2019. 13th APA Sports Meet successfully held for three days, 18-20 September 2019, in Yogyakarta and Semarang, Indonesia.

The event opened with a performance of traditional Prawiro dance. Several IPC stakeholders were seen attending the closing ceremony of the 13th APA Sports Meet 2019. On this special occasion, the IPC President Director was present to deliver his remarks.


"Thank God, for the success of the sporting party of port business people who are members of the ASEAN Port Association (APA). Representing Pelindo I, III and IV (Pesero), I thank the athletes and contingents for the enthusiasm and sportsmanship that helped the smooth running of this activity. I don't forget to congratulate the winners, "said IPC Managing Director, Elvyn G. Masassya.

Until this closing, Indonesia managed to become the overall champion (won the first position from ASEAN countries) in the 13th APA Sports Meet competition in 2019 with 18 gold medals, 19 silver medals and 16 bronze medals.

The ASEAN Ports Association consists of 9 member countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei and Myanmar. APA, which was formed in 1974, has an agenda of routine activities taking place in member countries in turn such as the Annual Meeting, HR Meeting, and others. Especially for the APA Sports Meet which is a sports week which is held every three years and is participated by all APA member countries, where the 13th organizing takes place in Indonesia.

"I thank the Indonesian Government, the Pelindo I, II, III and IV teams for their efforts and enthusiasm in the 13th APA Sports Meet event. I admit that Indonesia has been a good host and has done extraordinary work in ensuring this event runs smoothly. ASEAN is proud of Indonesia and APA in particular is even more proud of you. WE LOVE YOU, "said the ASEAN Port Association (APA) Secretary General, Mdm. Mimi Mazira Mohd Idris.


"Indonesia's success as a host cannot be separated from the hard work of many parties. The synergy of one BUMN company, which helped IPC in ensuring the implementation of the 13th APA Sports Meet 2019 well. Thank you to BNI, Wijaya Karya, Bank Mandiri, BRI, Askrindo, Wakita Karya and BTN for sponsoring this event, "said IPC President Director, Elvyn G. Masassya.

As a souvenir, IPC distributed traditional angklung instruments to all invited guests, followed by presenting the most awaited appearance, Ramayana ballet. Not stopping there, invited guests were also entertained by the action of DJ Gamelan who played songs with thick traditional music nuances, gamelan. The closing ceremony of the 13th APA Sports Meet ceremony was concluded with a band performance.

"Hopefully the friendship and cohesiveness continue to be established between APA member countries. Optimism and positive energy will become the fuel in fostering a spirit of collaboration between countries in ASEAN in presenting increasingly effective, efficient and optimal port services, ”concluded the Managing Director of IPC, Elvyn G Masassya.