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26 May 2019

Free Homecoming Trip with Sea Ships, IPC Gives A Take Off for Thousand of People to Batam

Jakarta, May 26, 2019 - IPC facilitated the departure of thousands of travelers from Jakarta which uses the mode of transportation of ships. Earlier today, IPC released thousands homecoming program ‘Free homecoming with IPC 2019’ with the aim of Batam. They departing from Tanjung Priok Port, with the passenger ship KM Kelud.

"This is the first time IPC has facilitated free homecoming by ship. Evidently this year the interest of residents to return home by boat is quite high, "said IPC HR Director, Rizal Ariansyah, when releasing the departure of travelers at the Terminal Tanjung Priok Port Passenger.

In addition to Batam destinations, IPC also facilitates free homecoming by destination ships Surabaya. The release of homecomers to Surabaya will be held on May 29, 2019. Later travelers will depart by boarding the Dorolonda passenger ship.

"Going home by boat becomes an alternative for residents who want to be on Eid hometown. We prepared around 2000 free tickets for Jakarta residents. This very helpful when people are faced with the phenomenon of high ticket prices plane, "said Rizal.⁣

During the voyage, IPC provided food and prepared the medicine. IPC also check travel insurance. "We want to ensure that travelers
feel comfortable and safe, "he said.

In addition to ships, this year IPC facilitated free homecoming for 22 thousand residents Jakarta and its surroundings with tourism standard bus facilities. The travelers will depart simultaneously from Tanjung Priok on May 29, with the aim of 16 cities in Java and Sumatra.
Through this program, continued Rizal, IPC helped the government provide facilities safe homecoming transportation. This free homecoming is a Responsibility program Corporate Social (CSR) routinely carried out by IPC every year. This activity at a once tangible manifestation of the 'SOE Present for the Country' program.