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04 January 2020


Jakarta, January 4, 2020 - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC distributed aid to thousands of residents affected by flooding at several points in North Jakarta and Bekasi. Assistance in the form of food, hygiene and sanitation equipment, and supplies for baby's needs was distributed directly, coordinated by BNPB together with the local government.


"Distribution is concentrated in several posts in the Bekasi area (Cikunir, Permata Hijau, Kranji) and North Jakarta (Begog, Sukapura, Rorotan and Cilincing Rivers). IPC through the ESR (Employee Social Responsibility) Team has taken to the field since last Thursday, "said IPC Corporate Secretary, Shanti Puruhita, in Jakarta, Saturday (1/4).


Shanti explained, besides coordinating with BNPB and the local government, IPC also synergized with several other SOEs such as Pertamina, Pegadaian, Pelni, and BKI in the distribution of the aids.


We want to ensure that the assistance reaches residents directly affected by the flood yesterday. Therefore, the IPC ESR team has been deployed to the location and immediately coordinated with BNPB in the field since the first day of flooding,” she explained.


Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) requested that flood management in Jabodetabek to be done together, starting from the central government, the provincial government, as well as the district and city governments. The Minister of SOE, Erick Thohir has also directed several SOEs to hand over logistical assistance to medical devices in a number of the most affected areas.


Based on North Jakarta City Government data, as many as 1,340 residents in the North Jakarta area were forced to evacuate in 16 refugee posts scattered in several villages. Until Friday night, BNPB reported that at least 47 people had died as a result of heavy rains in the Greater Jakarta area since the turn of the year 2020.


Shanti hopes that the distributed aid can ease the burden on residents affected by flooding, so that they can return to their normal activities.