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27 February 2020

Land Clearing for Kijing Terminal Ran Smoothly

Pontianak, February 27, 2020 –  The Mempawah District Court today executed the emptying of 8 buildings and 7 lands belonging to 15 residents of Bundung Laut and Kunyit Laut Villages, Kunyit Laut District, Mempawah Regency. The land clearing was carried out after the West Kalimantan Prosecutor's Office on November 19, 2019 submitted an application for execution on the verdict of the Mempawah District Court, which rejected the lawsuit of a small portion of the residents. This request was later responded by the court, with the verdict of PN Mempawah, dated on December 2, 2019.


Before the land clearing was carried out, Mempawah District Court had already delivered a written warning to residents who refused, on December 18, 2019. The written warning was continued with the Notification Letter of the Mempawah District Court, February 24, 2020.


Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC respects the land acquisition process for the construction of the Kijing Terminal in Mempawah District, West Kalimantan, which has been established by the Mempawah District Court. IPC hopes that the process of emptying 8 buildings and 7 lands belonging to 15 nominative lists (residents) will run smoothly.


Mempawah Court’s verdict has permanent legal force. "All parties should respect this decision, so that the construction of the Kijing Terminal which is the pride of the people of West Kalimantan will run smoothly," said the General Manager of the IPC’s Pontianak Port Branch, Ari Sugiri, Thursday (2/27).


In general, the acquisition of residents' land for the construction of the Kijing Terminal went well. About 97 percent of the land area of ​​around 200 hectares owned by 924 residents (danom) has been cleared. While land clearing for the remaining 3 percent still requires further processing.


Adi regretted the attitude of a few residents who still refuse land acquisition, because the reasons for compensation are not appropriate. "From the beginning we realized that the citizens were entitled to receive appropriate compensation, which we called compensation. The compensation value prepared even exceeds the NJOP, and is above the value set by the West Kalimantan Provincial Government based on the recommendation of the Integrated Team,he explained.


Adi ensured that land acquisition was carried out in accordance with existing mechanisms and procedures. "Residents who have received the compensation are 97 percent. This process should have been completed more quickly, and no more rejection," he said.


He explained that the mechanism of land compensation for the construction of Kijing Terminal refers to Perpres Number 62 of 2018. The regulation stipulates that the compensation value is based on the calculation of the assessment team of the Public Appraisal Service Office (KJPP), which works independently by involving the community.


Kijing Terminal in Mempawah Regency is a development of the Port of Pontianak. As one of the National Strategic Projects, Kijing Terminal will be one of seven terminal hubs, which will strengthen national connectivity.