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16 December 2019


Still under the spirit of commemorating International Disability Day which is celebrated on December 3 each year, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC organizes IPC Cinta Disabilitas. Located at the Indonesian Maritime Museum, this activity involved around 100 (one hundred) children with disabilities from various areas in Jakarta.


IPC Cinta Disabilitas is in line with the theme proclaimed by the Government: Indonesia Inclusion, Disability Excellence. This activity is also part of a series of activities to celebrate IPC 27th Birthday on December 1, 2019.


"Various obstacles faced by children with disabilities in carrying out formal education. Through this activity IPC helps school-age children with disabilities to achieve their goals by providing educational assistance in the amount of Rp 200,000,000 and school equipment for 100 (one hundred) children with disabilities,said Suaidi Marasabessy, Independent Commissioner of IPC.


Understanding persons with disabilities requires space and a place for them to actualize themselves. IPC Cinta Disabilitas opened with the appearance of children with disabilities who performed traditional dances and performances of musical skills. This activity was a forum for IPC to provide opportunities for children with disabilities to channel their interests and talents while giving an introduction to the maritime world by touring the Indonesian Maritime Museum.


IPC Cinta Disabilitas is a form of IPC support for the government in creating inclusivenes and excellent people with disabilities. As a state-owned enterprise, synergy and various forms of policies supporting the government are needed to be able to help people with disabilities.


“The activity of IPC Cinta Disabilitas is a form of IPC's commitment and responsibility in the field of education. Hopefully IPC can continue to contribute both in the economic, environmental, education and health sectors to advance and prosper Indonesia,” closed Suaidi in his speech.