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22 July 2020

Pelindo II Assets in Tanjung Priok Worth Rp.111 Billion Officially Recovered

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Pelindo II) Tanjung Priok branch can re-use and utilize assets in the form of land area of ​​6,447.98 m2 in Tanjung Priok Port as a supporter of operational activities since Wednesday (22/7).

This was made possible because the North Jakarta District Attorney's Office (Kejari) succeeded in recovering the assets of a state-owned company under the control of a third party, right on the 60th Adhaksa Day of the Republic of Indonesia Attorney's Office.

The Attorney General's Attorney (JPN) Team is led by I Made Sudarmawan through Dody Witjaksono. As Kasi Datun, represented by Mirna Eka Marisa and colleagues.

"The assets that have been successfully recovered this time are in the form of an area of ​​6,447.98 M2 which cannot be utilized optimally, because the land tenant has not yet surrendered the land even though the lease has expired since 2015," Mirna said in a release.

"Upon the handover of the 6,447.98 m2 land assets, the assets of the state-owned companies which can be recovered or returned are estimated at around Rp.111 billion, based on NJOP calculations," said Mirna.