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25 June 2020

Pelindo II Provides Stimulus for Fostered 'UMKM'

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II (Persero) implemented a policy of providing stimulus to business partners, 'Usaha, Mikro, Kecil, dan Menengah' (UMKM). Pelindo II Managing Director Arif Suhartono said the stimulus provided was in the form of a delay in payment of the loan installment obligations of the partnership program which was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"By delaying installment payments to fostered partners, especially 'UMKM' affected by Covid-19, we hope they can go through difficult times and recover quickly in doing business during the new normal period," Arif said in his written statement on Thursday (6/25).

He explained, the delay in payment of the installment loan obligations of the partnership program was given up to one year, namely until March 31, 2021. Arif said Pelindo II was very aware that the sustainability of the 'UMKM' business was very important for the national economy.

Based on the records of the Ministry of Cooperatives and 'UMKM', in 2018 the number of 'UMKM' in Indonesia was recorded at 64.2 million units. 'UMKM' have a contribution of approximately 60 percent of Indonesia's total gross domestic product (GDP). Also, 'UMKM' absorbs 97 percent of the total workforce and 99 percent of the total employment.

For this reason, Arif expects 'UMKM' to be able to operate and adapt, to accelerate national economic recovery while still paying attention to the new protocol. "Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic will end soon and economic activity can resume well," Arif said.

Rep: Rahayu Subekti

Red: Friska Yolandha

Source: https://republika.co.id/berita/qcgop8370/pelindo-ii-berikan-stimulus-untuk-umkm-binaan