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Port of Tanjung Priok

Located in North Jakarta, Tanjung Priok is the largerst busiest port in Indonesia.

Located in North Jakarta, Tanjung Priok is the busiest port in Indonesia. It handles more than 30% of non-oil-and-gas cargo in the country, and around 50% of the entire flow of goods into and out of Indonesia. Tanjung Priok therefore is a barometer of the Indonesian economy.

The comprehensive intermodal facilities at Tanjung Priok allow it to connect to all cities in Indonesia. With modern technology and facilities, Tanjung Priok can serve the latest generation of ships going directly to various international trading hubs (direct call).

The development of this port is geared toward reducing loading and unloading times through the use of specialized services and facilities.

Among the priority programs being carried out are the construction of an inner road, the widening of channels and gateways to allow for two-way ship traffic, and the deepening of berths to -14 mLWS.

Port Facilities

Panjang 19.850 m (19,85 km)
Lebar 30 s/d 150 m
Kedalaman -5 s/d -14 m.LWS
Panjang 9.247 m (9,25 km)
Luas 1.033.749 m2 (103,37 ha)

Equipment Facilities

Pelayanan kapal
Kapal Tunda 15 Unit
Kapal Pandu 7 Unit
Pelayanan 2
Kapal Tunda 10 Unit
Kapal Pandu 70 Unit


Jl. Raya Pelabuhan No.8 Tanjung Priok Jakarta 14310 DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

T. +6221-4367505, +622-4301080