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To be world class trade facilitator through port ecosystem

As the core concepts underlying all our activities, service and customer satisfaction are the values that we try to ingrain into our corporate culture and ethics at every level, as reflected in our vision and mission statements.

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (hereinafter referred to as “IPC” and “Company”) was originally established as a Public Company (“Perum”) Pelabuhan II based on Government Regulation (“PP”) No. 15 of 1983 juncto PP No. 5 of 1985. Perum Pelabuhan II is a State-Owned Enterprise (“BUMN”) under the guidance of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia.

Based on PP No. 57 of 1991, Perum Pelabuhan II changed its status to Limited Liability Company (PT), based on Imas Fatimah, S.H., Notarial Deed No. 3 dated December 1, 1992. The deed of establishment was approved by RI Ministry of Justice Decree No. C2-4754.HT.01.01.TH.93 dated June 17, 1993. Since the establishment by the Ministry of SOEs in 1998, the Company has come under its guidance. The Company’s Articles of Association have been amended several times, most recently based on the Shareholders Decision notarized in the Notarial Deed No. 03 from Notary Nanda Fauz Iwan, S.H., M.Kn., dated August 2, 2013 concerning additional issued and fully paid capital in the Company. The Articles of Association amendment was notified to the RI Ministry of Law and Human Rights the Letter of Acceptance Notification No. AHU-AH.01.10-38219 dated September 12, 2013.

IPC is a Non Listed BUMN Company. There is no information on the majority or controlling shareholders in IPC, as the ownership of capital is owned by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises. The Republic of Indonesia represented by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises is the only owner and sole shareholder entitled to 1,444,029 shares with a nominal  value of Rp1,000,000.00, or Rp1,444,029,000,000 in the company, which constitutes the total shares issued and placed and fully paid in the company to date. As such, IPC also does not present information regarding Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners members who own direct or indirect shares.

“To be world class trade facilitator through port ecosystem”

Corporate Mission

Customers and Partners

Provide, build and operate port and logistics services in an integrated, high quality and reliable way to meet customer and partner satisfaction.


Create a comfortable work environment for employees, promote employees that are customer-focused, have integrity, and have pride in the company and its culture, while providing welfare and satisfaction to employees.


Maximize the Company’s value to shareholders and improve the Company’s health in a professional manner through the fulfillment of good corporate governance.

Community and Country

Ensure the smooth and safe flow of ships and goods to realize logistical cost efficiency to accelerate the national economic growth and to improve the people’s welfare.

Corporate Value

Customer Centric
Meet Customer Expectation
  • Proactively seek out and understand the needs of customers to provide innovative solutions
  • Build long-term relationships with customers
  • Consistently providing the best service and quality to help customers grow and thrive
Walk The Talk
  • Foster trust by saying what we feel and do what we say
  • Showed a professional attitude and honest in interacting with internal and external parties
  • Behave discipline and adherence to the code of conduct of business in doing our daily work
National Pride
  • Cultivate the spirit and contribute to the success of government programs in national development
  • Fostering a sense of pride and the spirit of nationalism in the works
  • Continues to grow and competewith world-class port management company
Team Work
Together We Can
  • Collaborate in the team to get the best result
  • Working together generate implementable ideas for solutions needs of users port services
  • The spirit of togetherness and respect for others
Make It Happen
  • Dare to dream and strive to make it happen
  • Proactive to find ways in realizing the company`s vision
  • Make breakthroughs and significant step in pushing the development of the company
Corporate Roadmap


World class performance

  • Establishment Of Global Foot Print
  • Establishment Of  World Class Terminal Operator
  • Implementation Of Green Port & Smart Port
  • Excellence Competing Subsidiaries
  • Initiation Integrated Port Network (IPN) & Implementation Proyek Strategis Nasional (PSN)


Consistent world class performance

  • Electric crane use for ~30% of port operations use
  • Leading operations with top productivity  levels across all activities
  • Implementation of  predictive maintenance
  • Fully maximized land usage by utilizing idle lands to develop new business areas
  • Pelindo Incorporated Initiatives
  • Freight Marketplace establishment


Expansion of value chain presence

  • JV/KSO with last mile logistics service provider
  • Product launch of data monetization products
  • JV/KSO with local credit insurance service provider
  • Strategic projects


Holistic value chain presence

  • Product launch of partnership logistics services
  • Product launch of warehouse center with potential business / e-commerce players
  • Product launch of ecosystem development tools
  • Integration with key account management to boost throughput


Ecosystem player

  • Product launch of data monetization products (e.g Ocean Freight Benchmarking)
  • Set up and agreement of one PMO of KEK development
  • Fully realized smart and green terminal
  • CBL Port Development