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26 February 2020

Regional Ports & Shipping Can Play the Key Roles of World Trade

  1. February 26, 2020 – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC is open to collaborating with partners in logistics, shipping and port services for exploring new opportunities in order to achieve mutual benefits. With integrated and coordinated cooperation, ports and shipping in the regional region can play a key role in world trade. This was stated by the President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC, Elvyn G. Masassya, at the 18th ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2020 event in Jakarta, Wednesday (2/26). IPC was trusted to host the ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2020, which is the largest annual maritime conference in ASEAN. The event was attended by the Minister of Transportation's Expert Staff for the Multi-mode and Safety, Cris Kuntadi and Managing Director of Transport Event, Rory Doyle.


  1. said Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world. As one of the largest port operators in Indonesia and the region, IPC is committed to strengthening its central role as a trade facilitator, which provides energy to national and regional logistics chains.


  1. 2017, IPC has dedicated Tanjung Priok as a transhipment port. At Tanjung Priok Port, we consolidate cargo in the region to be sent directly to various continents, including America, Europe, Australia and China and several East Asian countries,he said.


Elvyn said further, direct call service shows that Tanjung Priok Port is able to operate with world service standards, supported by modern infrastructure and systematic digitalization. In order too strengthen the service capacity, IPC operates a new terminal namely NPCT-1 in Kalibaru, Tanjung Priok. IPC is also developing the Kijing Terminal in West Kalimantan, which will expand regional and global trade access.


"The ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2020 Conference is very important, considering that there are many things to be discussed to improve operational capacity and services. This conference is a forum to exchange information and share experiences and best practices in logistics, ports and shipping from various parts of the world," he said.


There are at least 35 speakers from the world’s transportation and logistics business players who will discuss trade and investment issues. For three days, around 400 government representatives from various countries, decision makers, transportation and logistics business people, as well as port and shipping professionals gather and discuss how to strengthen global connectivity.


"This conference will certainly also open up various opportunities for cooperation in the fields of maritime, logistics, and trade," he explained.


Elvyn added, the world is getting smaller with the leap of information technology. "The shipping industry and port business are certainly affected, and the leap in industry 4.0 must be utilized so that operations become more effective and efficient," he said.


Before the conference was officially opened, delegates and invited guests visited the IPC Central Office and conducted a field visit to the NPCT-1 Kalibaru and Indonesia Vehicle Terminal (IKT) Tbk yesterday.