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24 June 2020

Supporting the Business Ecosystem in the Pandemic Period, IPC Provides Cost Relaxation

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC has imposed limited waivers on container service fees. This relaxation was provided during the Covid-19 pandemic, to relieve service users, especially container owners or managers. 

 "Since mid-May IPC has instructed all subsidiaries that manage container terminals to impose limited waivers for their container service. This relaxation is valid for two months, until 19 July 2020," IPC President Director Arif Suhartono said in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/24).


According to Arif, this relaxation is a follow up to the demands of the business community who expect relief from the cost of port services during the pandemic. This policy is a stimulus for the logistics business for the sustainability of their business.


"This is also the participation of IPC in supporting government policies to relax for the sake of the sustainability of the business world," he said.


As an example of the implementation of the policy, General Manager of Peti Koja Terminal, Hudadi Soerja Djanegara explained that the tariff reduction had been imposed at the Peti Koja Terminal for a while in the pandemic period. This relaxation is in the form of a discount for empty container services.


"Discounts can be given through a B to B agreement between the terminal and the owner or container manager, in this case, the shipping company," he explained.


Hudadi explained the limited waivers were also applied to the empty container storage service. In addition, TPK Koja extended the payment period for loading and unloading services provided by TPK Koja.


"Under normal circumstances, service users are required to make payments a maximum of eight working days from the receipt of an invoice." "With the Covid-19 pandemic, we provide concessions, where payments can be made up to 14 business days, from the time they receive their bills," he explained.